Current developments and trends in global e-commerce is reshaping the competition and how business is done.

E-commerce is growing more than by 25% annually, enabling businesses enter new markets, gain higher revenues while maintaining lower operational costs. Whether you are in retail e-commerce (better known as business-to-consumer or B2C) or a major player in the B2B (business-to-business) segment, Rhxo offers a wide array of solutions designed for online sales process management and secure e-transactions.

At Rhxo, we know what works best for online businesses, which arms as with all the necessary tools and infrastructure to build successful e-business modules to the next level of excellence. Rhxo develops second-generation e-commerce solutions – ranging from attractive storefronts and data-driven architecture to foolproof e-security, Web-based administration, multiple-level user rights and customer service tools. Unlike out-of-the-box e-commerce tools, our utility-specific solutions and applications are totally customized to address the unique challenges of your business. Rhxo, works with you in close co-ordination – developing e-commerce solutions which are well aligned with your existing business process and also ensuring complete scalability for future growth.

Whether you are a start-up company on the Internet or a leading firm seeking establish and enhance e-commerce operations. Marketing & selling on the Net is always a challenging task. Successful e-commerce ensures a seamless integration of strategic initiatives and technological endeavors, as you need to attract prospects, build credibility and close transactions quickly. Rhxo’s experienced e-commerce strategists will analyze your e-business models and identify technical requirements, prior to developing a powerful e-commerce platform around a robust infrastructure.

From shopping cart and product catalog development to payment gateway integration, order tracking and processing, inventory tracking, discount functions, currency conversion and tax/shipping calculations – Rhxo provides a complete suite of tools and applications which will meet your e-commerce needs and enhance your bottom line. We offer excellently designed user interface, easy navigation, robust hosting, and secure applications, complemented by improved brand visibility, quality traffic generation and effective customer relationship management. Rhxo’s pursuit of quality, excellence and customer commitment makes us the partner of choice, as businesses exploit e-market potentials, implement sustainable strategies and build successful e-commerce presence.

What we offer:

  • Setup and Support Web based installation wizard
  • Easy to use browser based admin interface
  • Import your existing database
  • Bulk uploading of products and pictures
  • Out-of-the-box storefront system
  • Customizable localization: multi-language, configurable currency symbol and weight/dimension measurement units, configurable list of states/provinces
  • Free customer support
  • Free access to all future releases
  • Built-in self-upgrade engine

Design and Layout

  • Design and Layout Fully customizable design & layout
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Support for thumbnails
  • Category thumbnail images
  • Unlimited number of product images
  • Storing images in DB or on a file system
  • Side-bar “mini-cart” viewable at all pages
  • Integrated store search
  • Build-in template editor: preview, edit and restore templates
  • WYSIWYG text editor (webmaster mode)
  • CSS-compatible design. Cascading Style Sheets allow you to change styling of your pages with ease.
  • Debug console: displays a tree of templates for all pages
  • The possibility to find, create and modify static HTML pages within X-Cart directory is added

Customer Care

  • Customer Care All orders stored in SQL database
  • Customers can search & browse personal order history
  • Real time order tracking
  • Customer can choose between account registration and express checkout
  • The possibility to disable checkout without registering
  • Password reminder for customers
  • Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices
  • Automated repeat customer tracking
  • Wish list
  • Ability to save the customer’s cart
  • Built-in newsletter subsystem
  • Multiple customer types w/unique pricing for every customer type
  • Memberships and special pricing
  • Optional affiliate program

Product Catalog

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited category nesting
  • Members-only categories
  • “Featured Products” box
  • Automated display of bestsellers
  • Related products, up selling and cross selling
  • Add multimedia clips to your products
  • 1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
  • Support for up to two different currencies
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Search by title, description and category

Product Details

  • Unlimited product options/variants/properties w/optional price modifiers
  • Unlimited custom input fields for products
  • Add custom information field for products
  • Customer-defined prices (optional)
  • HTML-enriched product descriptions (optional)
  • Unlimited number of product images
  • Multiple pricing for quantities (unlimited price breaks)
  • Multi-homed products (list a product in up to 4 categories)

Merchandising and Inventory

  • Discount coupon codes and gift certificates
  • On-screen mini-cart with brief cart info
  • Full inventory control
  • “Out of Stock” Messages
  • Quantity discounts
  • Retail and wholesale price
  • Limit minimal order amount
  • Sellers/providers can edit only products belonging to them

Shipping and Tax

  • Unlimited number of custom-defined shipping methods
  • Weight, order total and per-item based shipping
  • Weight limit for shipping methods
  • Markups for real-time shipping methods
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Mark your products as “free shipping” products
  • Issue promotional “free shipping” coupons to your customers
  • Add handling/freight charges
  • Handle international, domestic and local shipping
  • Restrict shipping by location
  • Allow your customers to choose shipping methods
  • Full support for downloadable goods (e-goods)
  • Customizable sales tax calculation
  • Product-specific taxes (optional)
  • Organize your tax & shipping settings in zones by location
  • Different sellers/providers can have different shipping/tax settings
  • “Tax exempt” feature
  • GST/PST (canadian tax system)

Payment Gateways & Methods

  • Accept payments in any currency
  • Real-time credit card processing:
    – Google Checkout
    – PayPal
    – Authorize.NET
  • Manual (offline) credit card processing
  • Accept PayPal payments
  • Accept checks, purchase orders, money orders and phone orders
Sales Analysis & Tracking
  • Comprehensive statistics:
    – Number of orders
    – Number of customers
    – Product views
    – Category views
    – Products removed from cart by customers
    – Sales by product / best sellers
    – Total sales
  • Searchable order data
  • Order data is easy to print
  • Printable shipping labels
  • Search engine & incoming traffic tracker: the cart keeps referrer data for all customers
  • Shipment/fulfillment interface
  • Export sales & customer data for use in a spreadsheet
  • Export orders to QuickBooks format

Search Engine Friendly

  • Pages can be indexed by all major search engines
  • Define custom META tags for every category
  • Customer referrer info is stored in database
  • Auto generated static HTML catalog (optional)

Database and Platform Compatibility

  • Open source PHP code
  • Support for UNIX/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X servers
  • Powered by MySQL database
  • 100% customizable template-based look & feel
  • Multi-language: your e-store can work with unlimited number of languages
  • Multi-lingual products
  • Multi-lingual categories
  • Multi-lingual product options
  • Payment processing modules for all major gateways
  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Flexible implementation: you can easily add new features and/or disable existing ones.
  • Free access to all future releases

Repeat Customer Accommodation

  • All customer’s data is stored in database
  • Greet repeat visitors
  • Registered customers can be offered discounts
  • Registered customers do not have to enter their data again
  • Registered customers can edit their profile
  • Registered customers can access history of their orders
  • Built-in newsletter engine
  • Real-time order tracking for registered customers
  • Moderated product reviews and ratings

Web-based control panel

  • Password-protected administrative access
  • All changes are real-time
  • Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser
  • Unlimited number of admin accounts
  • Unlimited number of isolated provider/seller accountsd
  • Admin account separated from provider/seller accounts
  • Support for restricted “shipping/fulfillment” admin accounts


  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access (optional)
  • Password-protected administrative access
  • Encrypted customer data
  • PGP-encrypted e-mail notifications (optional)
  • Real-time security notifications of all failed login attempts
  • Backup sub-system

Rhxo-Affiliate module

  • Commissions database
  • Unlimited number of affiliates
  • Individual (per-affiliate) commission settings
  • Export affiliate data for use in a spreadsheet
  • Search affiliate database
  • Import affiliate payment info from plain-text file
  • View/Upload/Delete banners

Rhxo-Configurator module

  • Unlimited “complex” products
  • Flexible configuration
  • Compatibility rules for cross-selling products
  • Types, modifications and properties for products
  • Step-by-step product creation

How you gain:

  • New markets; more customers; greater revenue generation
  • Streamlined processes, all-round operational excellence; effective cost savings
  • Quick time-to-market; increased service levels
  • Enhanced customer relationships; higher level of customer loyalty

Please contact us today to know how Rhxo can help you realize e-business goals through a host of Web solutions and business process automation tools.