Pricing Models

Although Rhxo focuses on fixed budget, fixed team and fixed time parameters according to MoSCoW principle, sometimes other pricing models may work according to the customers’ choice. We offer a wide array of web application services like software development, website application development, website design, search engine optimizations, website advertising and marketing with online PR to increase web traffic and your company’s online presence. Below we describe all models we use in defining the pricing model of a project.

Fixed Budget Development Model

If you have well-defined requirements, Rhxo can offer a fixed cost solution. This eliminates the uncertainties of developmental costs and helps in planning your project budget in advance. This model is best suited for clients with complete project specification in place. If you do not have well defined requirements, Rhxo can first identify your requirements on a time and resources basis and then provide you with a fixed cost solution.

On Site Service Model

In this model, Rhxo sets up an entire team of technical professionals at your location. By providing on site service, the client benefits from a local production environment and the ability to oversee day-to-day project progress first hand. By gaining a full understanding of the clients’ needs, Rhxo can utilize its project management skills and expertise to take full responsibility for an entire project from start to finish.

In-house Development Model

Rhxo’s development facilities provide the client with the extensive resources that only an in-house facility can offer. Rhxo’s in-house development model can significantly reduce the development costs by drawing on the extensive resources at our facilities. Along with our project managers who are in close contact with project sponsors, Rhxo also effectively manages a credible and reliable pool of knowledge and expertise. This provides the added benefit to our clients that the project is being executed by a professional company with proven skills in the areas required to move development forward.

Hybrid Development Model

When a fast turnaround is needed for a project, Rhxo can offer a combination of both on-site and in-house capabilities. By providing 24-hour development time to our clients, Rhxo is able to provide the required rapid response needed to complete this type of project and simultaneously reduce production costs through the use of in-house facilities.