Rhxo to recieve patents on data mining technologies

Pazartesi, Mayıs 5th, 2014

New York, USA, 2014

Rhxo, a worldwide provider of information management technologies, is due to be issued a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on core features of the Rhxo data indexing engine, with additional patents pending. RHXO’s unique parallel-processing approach to unstructured data has underpinned its rapid growth and success in the eDiscovery, investigation and information governance markets.

Approximately 80% of the data organizations store is unstructured—including email, other communications, documents and images. The highly complex systems that organizations use to store the largest volumes of unstructured data often have poor search and management capabilities—their contents are increasingly becoming “dark data.”

“Without Rhxo Technology Group’s massively parallel processing technologies, organizations will find it extremely difficult to gain insights into enormous unstructured data sets quickly and thoroughly enough to achieve tangible, defensible business benefits,” said Darendeli.

Some of the elements that are new to Rhxo’s new data mining process include:

• Improved support for post-processing model types, and model elements
• A completely new element for text mining
• Scorecards now introduce the ability to compute points based on expressions
• New built-in functions, including “matches” and “replace” for the use of regular expressions

CEO of Rhxo Technology Group at SXWS notes, “They wil continue to support the analytic collaboration that data mining technologies provides to users. The recent release of their Enterprise Process Technology provides users the ability to not only consume from Open Source R models, but also produceresult, which can be consumed by other applications. Rhxo Model Manager enables users to consume and manage R and PMML models as part of the data mining ecosystem. Sharing analytic models is paramount to the analytic lifecycle.”

About Rhxo:

Rhxo delivers comprehensive software development services ranging from custom software solutions to complex internet systems. Rhxo’s customers are companies of all sizes ranging from mid-size businesses to large enterprises including Fortune 500 who realize the need of a professional development solutions to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

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